Off-Grid system

As an alternative to the classic systems connected to the grid, InterWind proposes new solutions of off-grid system (stand-alone). The Maia micro wind turbine is easily integrable with other forms of electrical production systems like PV or genset (fuel generators).

Energy Box is an innovative and technological system for the independent accumulation and distribution of clean electricity from renewable sources, such as solar panels, wind blades and hydroelectric turbines.
Designed for all domestic and professional applications that want to use sustainable energy efficiently, becoming energetically self-sufficient.
Energy Box accumulates part of the energy that is produced by wind blades or other renewable sources thanks to a sophisticated system of lithium batteries with high capacity. This allows users to increase by up to 90% the share of consumption of clean energy produced by their systems.

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nrgbox 350

Technical characteristics:

  • Ensures continuity of power supply for 24 hours
  • Absolutely silent
  • Easily transportable without effort
  • With easy and quick installation
  • Completely integrated with existing systems
  • energy box